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The admin pages listing the site’s posts and pages come with various text columns (title, tags, categories, author and so on). In order to see what the featured images are, you have to visit each post or page individually. What I will show here, is...
0 740 posted 12 years ago by i-am-andy
Changes the title and moves the featured image box in Wordpress admin area. Add this to functions.php
0 657 posted 12 years ago by i-am-andy
Add or Change Content in the Featured Image Meta Box Posted on March 21, 2011 Perhaps you need to provide a little extra instruction about the Featured Image meta box. It doesn’t take much to add your own text to that box:
0 777 posted 12 years ago by i-am-andy
Really simple jQuery random image
0 654 posted 12 years ago by i-am-andy
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