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A simple way of displaying a random list item. Could be used to randomly display anything. Demo: jsfiddle.net/uRd6N/ (keep clicking run)
0 321 posted 7 years ago by i-am-andy
Load latest version of jQuery from Google Libraries API and de-register Wordpress version
0 168 posted 8 years ago by i-am-andy
Change the text of the jquery cycle pager element. By default is is 1, 2, 3 etc but you can change this to text via a variable
1 142 posted 8 years ago by i-am-andy
Add a class to every 4th item using jQuery nth-child and add class
0 119 posted 8 years ago by i-am-andy
Useful jQuery for mutliple items on a page that are using the same jquery function and classes to perform an action. By traversing the dom like this the function will only be applied to the item you are clicking on and not all elements on the page th...
0 119 posted 9 years ago by i-am-andy
Really simple jQuery random image
0 97 posted 9 years ago by i-am-andy
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