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  1. FAV Image Upload with Php

    You can use this script in your projects when you need an image upload function. It checks file type, file size and error report. I also want you to check [giochi di spongebob](http://www.giochidispongebob.net) and [gratis mahjong](http://www.gratism...
    PHP saved by 9 people
    posted 9 years ago jackoder
  2. FAV Short URL Function with PHP

    Dear php coders, Here's a code block that you can use in your projects to get shorter long urls. Also recommend these articles about [ozon tedavisi](http://www.denizliozon.com) here. Have a nice coding.
    posted 9 years ago jackoder
  3. FAV Check Server Status with PHP

    Hello Php Coders, Here's a useful php code block for your projects to control server status. Use this code blokc to report a server status result. I hope you'll like it. Also; i suggest you to rest for a while on [2 KiÅŸilik Oyunlar](http://...
    PHP saved by 8 people
    posted 9 years ago jackoder
  4. FAV Change Permissions of Remote Directories

    Hello friends. I've create this script for you to change directories permissions without connecting them via Ftp Prog. Thanks. [En Yeni Oyunlar](http://www.yeni-oyun.com)
    posted 9 years ago jackoder
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