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2 570 posted 14 years ago by jadedbat
This is sometimes not the best solution to a server caching your css files. But if you want to force a stubborn server to serve the most recent css file to the browser this seems to work. Could slow things down a touch, but for small css files not...
1 695 posted 14 years ago by jadedbat
[Video Example](http://screencast.com/t/L6E0xI0J5P) A cross browser image caption on mouseover. Using jquery, CSS. This is a bit crude but pretty simple to implement. Just change the image width, some css to match that image size and create dyn...
4 799 posted 14 years ago by jadedbat
Here is a simple method for displaying footer copyright year. This way at the end of the year you are not updating footers for the first 3 weeks in January :)
0 570 posted 14 years ago by jadedbat
A simple to use framework for a contact form. This is missing some serious validation and such but is a good startin' point for any simple contact form. The input field named 'botty' is an input field we hide with css.. if data is sent to the ha...
7 1121 posted 14 years ago by jadedbat
1. Edit the html form 'action' to point to your PHP page that handles the upload. 2. Create the php page with the code below 3. Define Paths in PHP lines: 3 , 4 of php file 4. Create matching folder to paths in #3 on server. 5. chmod that folder...
4 702 posted 15 years ago by jadedbat
I thought I would share this simple username password PHP auth script. It leans on HTTP to secure a page.. not bulletproof but quick and painless.
3 595 posted 15 years ago by jadedbat
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