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The selector portion of the CSS rule targets which XHTML tags/classes this rule will be applied to. At first glance, it looks like all img tags as well as all tags with a class of "png". You’ll notice the * html in front of both of these. Wait, the...
15 1375 posted 15 years ago by jonhenshaw
This is an excellent solution for fixing IE 6's inability to display transparent PNGs correctly. Step 1: Include the following conditional comment the HEAD area of your document. You will need to update the CSS selector and also the path to wheree...
13 941 posted 16 years ago by jonhenshaw
IE6 and before doesn't support :hover in CSS (except for anchors). You can use this script to make hovers work in IE. Just add the following line to your stylesheet (this assumes the path of the file -- you may need to change it to reflect your paths...
7 1205 posted 16 years ago by jonhenshaw
A useful but often overrated JavaScript function is the browser detect. Sometimes you want to give specific instructions or load a new page in case the viewer uses, for instance, Safari. Copy this script into your JavaScript files. It works immedi...
1 633 posted 16 years ago by jonhenshaw
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