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Internet Explorer 7 under Windows XP Service Pack 3 has the Windows Registry "Reserved Value" 180D set that was not set before, which can cause a "Do you want to move or copy files from this zone?" prompt on moves or copies between Windows shares if...
1 877 posted 13 years ago by karlhorky
When developing a website, an important consideration is accessibility on other media, including the medium of print. However, the printing engines of most browsers render content differently to allow for simple printed pages. One of the most notable...
1 656 posted 13 years ago by karlhorky
This command line aims at moving directories from a target location to the present working directory (pwd), backing the pwd directories up as it encounters them. The script works by: 1. Iterating through the contents of the target directory (us...
0 660 posted 13 years ago by karlhorky
This batch mirrors the contents of one directory to another using Robocopy. It will display a list of what is being mirrored before prompting the user for confirmation on the mirror. WARNING: Robocopy's /MIR switch that is used in this batch WILL...
1 681 posted 13 years ago by karlhorky
Based upon the Drive Icon Change Windows Vista tweak and the shell icons registry settings found at the respective links below, this Windows 7 / Vista tweak will set the default icon of all A-Z drive letters (like C: for instance) and the Desktop to...
1 1261 posted 13 years ago by karlhorky
A modification of Bill James' New Folder context menu script ( http://billsway.com/vbspage/ ), this script instead creates a "New File" item in the right click context menu of Directory Backgrounds. Upon running the New File item, you will be prompte...
0 723 posted 13 years ago by karlhorky
Read in a remote XML file, change the pubDate date format, and output to specific local file.
0 548 posted 13 years ago by karlhorky
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