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Internet Explorer 7 under Windows XP Service Pack 3 has the Windows Registry "Reserved Value" 180D set that was not set before, which can cause a "Do you want to move or copy files from this zone?" prompt on moves or copies between Windows shares if...
1 1083 posted 13 years ago by karlhorky
Based upon the Drive Icon Change Windows Vista tweak and the shell icons registry settings found at the respective links below, this Windows 7 / Vista tweak will set the default icon of all A-Z drive letters (like C: for instance) and the Desktop to...
1 1565 posted 14 years ago by karlhorky
A modification of Bill James' New Folder context menu script ( http://billsway.com/vbspage/ ), this script instead creates a "New File" item in the right click context menu of Directory Backgrounds. Upon running the New File item, you will be prompte...
0 863 posted 14 years ago by karlhorky
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