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Takes a number (no decimal) and converts it to written words.Why'd i write it to be able to do such big numbers? Why not? Note: The numbers next to the 'thousandfoldnums' are for your reference (thats how many zeros/places there are in that numbe...
0 644 posted 12 years ago by lasavior
If you've ever tried to subscribe to a podcast outside of iTunes but only have an iTunes URL, you know how frustrating it is. Turns out that you just need to spoof yourself as an iTunes client to see the direct feed URL. This script helps with exactl...
1 1136 posted 12 years ago by lasavior
I needed a simple function to shorten a link with and wrote this, thought it may help someone. Note: you still need an API key from
1 1507 posted 12 years ago by lasavior
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