link images to their own node.

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This snippet is for use with image module, a small contributed module for image handling. (Yes: in Drupal you need a /contributed/ module for this o_O.

The template snippet links the images to their own node.

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  1. function phptemplate_image_attach_body($node){
  2. theme_add_style(drupal_get_path('module', 'image_attach') .'/image_attach.css');
  4. $image = node_load($node->iid);
  6. $info = image_get_info(file_create_path($image->images['preview']));
  7. $output = '';
  8. $output .= '<div style="width: '. $info['width'] .'px" class="image-attach-body">';
  9. $output .= l(image_display($image, 'preview'), "node/$image->nid", array(), NULL, NULL, FALSE, TRUE);
  10. $output .= '</div>'."\n";
  11. $output .= $node->body;
  12. return $output;
  13. }


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