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Extend Date object to have isLeapYear() boolean (true for Leap Years) Taken from https://raw.github.com/vitch/jquery-methods/master/date.js
0 412 posted 11 years ago by tomasdev
Somewhere along the road the people behind canvas decided that all image scaling is anti-aliased by default. Firefox has 'mozImageSmoothingEnabled' while Chrome et company don't. This is a proof of concept script to resize 'virtualCanvas' two time...
0 461 posted 11 years ago by volvis
Sometimes, you need to setup functionality before jQuery is loaded (e.g. because of a template). You can use this snippet to schedule the function after jQuery is loaded.
1 832 posted 11 years ago by studioevoque
Annoy your visitors, fool your friends, fun and party. Please note that this also disables ability to write in form fields.
0 388 posted 11 years ago by stephcode
This override function for the default Drupal.toggleFieldset function adds code that looks for instances of TinyMCE inside the fieldset and triggers the autoresize on them when the fieldset is opened. Otherwise TinyMCE renders with a weird height.
0 456 posted 11 years ago by jonathanpglick
Format a date into a string using several string variables. Usage: (new Date("6/6/2011")).format("%W, %B %d%o, %Y"); Result: Monday, June 6th, 2011
0 631 posted 11 years ago by wizard04
Read more here: http://www.jquery4u.com/dynamic-css-2/change-css-jquery/
0 397 posted 11 years ago by jquery4u
This script will handle any vertical resizing issues with a Facebook IFrame tab application, such as the resizing of the frame when elements expand, such as a Facebook Comments plugin. It uses the "FB.Canvas.setAutoResize" method from the Facebook Ja...
0 421 posted 11 years ago by SFLWebDev
Based on Prototype JS String#gsub
0 400 posted 11 years ago by kendsnyder
0 437 posted 11 years ago by ronal
You need to insert this before the call of Cufon.replace
0 523 posted 11 years ago by lurnid
Este es un programa que los puntajes y las calificaciones correspondientes a dicho puntaje.
0 287 posted 11 years ago by AgustinAlvia
Use whatever is needed to select the input box. $('#searchBoxOuter td.ms-sbcell input') reflects some custom master page html I have so I used that.
0 858 posted 11 years ago by rumremix
A complete Google maps example with multiple markers and infowindows
0 481 posted 11 years ago by marzsman
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