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Chrome bug-fix. CSS forces Chrome to redraw the fonts
0 102 posted 6 years ago by eklemen
Creating fixed floated comment's box on right side
0 66 posted 6 years ago by maddev-
A complete lightbox with minimal code and full functionality: close button, close on escape keypress, close on lightbox blur event.
1 64 posted 8 years ago by mortu
IE notification to upgrade your browser
0 91 posted 8 years ago by raz
IE6 and IE7 don't respect the 'outline' attribute for hyperlinks. This jQuery snippet removes the annoying outline in these browsers.
0 105 posted 8 years ago by Huskie
This function will detect the orientation (portrait/landscape) of an iOS device and set the body class to either portrait or landscape, as well as providing a global variable for use elsewhere in your JS. If you require multiple classes on your bo...
3 83 posted 8 years ago by iridium
A quick snippet that removes the 'px' when accessing a value through jquery, and converts it into an integer.
0 71 posted 8 years ago by cessnajumpin
0 64 posted 8 years ago by kendsnyder
Hi everyone, a while ago i posted a little script that reproduced a little animation effect seen in Windows 8 Developer Preview. I thought about expanding it some more, and in the end i started actually recreating the whole Metro interface in HTML5/C...
1 178 posted 8 years ago by claudiowebdesign
This is a little function that dynamically resizes the navigation, taking into account the size of the item width as well
0 62 posted 8 years ago by buzzswarbrick
The comments for this are broken down into 2 parts, first the script is talked about, then theres a little about the HTML code that the script relies on. You can find more information at the URL, as well as an example of it in action. You can leave c...
0 63 posted 9 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
After being tasked with creating inputs like those on the twitter homepage I came up with this inline label system that uses jquery to control the labels (in the vase of the example it fase and slides them). The code is in three parts. First, the...
0 83 posted 9 years ago by FatFolderDesigner
add this line: Cufon.replace('a', { hover: true }); before your actual cufon replace.
2 69 posted 9 years ago by Savio
0 58 posted 9 years ago by tcelestino
This is essentially how to detect an outside click for a dialog box on a website, using HTML/CSS/Javascript/JQuery. Essentially you need to understand event propagation how it works throughout the DOM with JQuery, to make this as simple as possib...
0 72 posted 9 years ago by alvincrespo
useful for switching a play/stop button
1 34 posted 9 years ago by beso
0 62 posted 9 years ago by beso
This is a very useful piece of code (html, css, jquery) to have a nice animated floating menu on your page. I totally love it. I used it with jquery 1.3.2 and up
3 89 posted 9 years ago by e11world
1 47 posted 9 years ago by kormie
I’ve seen some very cool parallax effect around lately, especially liking the Silverback site. But none of them are particularly interactive, so I thought I’d make a small implementation of the Parallax effect that interacts with the mouse. Ve...
1 65 posted 9 years ago by dom111
Finds word "AGM" and replace with acronym or abbr title.
2 58 posted 9 years ago by vagrantradio
This is a method that I use to easily wrap an HTML container with nice curly quotes. I much prefer this method over using images because the quotes can be easily stylized using css fonts, colors, and sizes. Also, the markup is semantically correct.
1 89 posted 10 years ago by MikeyLikesIt
Sometime designers put form labels and instrucions into html inputs. One of the common uses is for login boxes when there’s not much space. I wrote a small jQuery plugin which dynamically replaces selected <input> fields with <input> fields display...
1 143 posted 10 years ago by ginoplusio
NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN MOVED TO GITHUB: If you have any ideas or improvements for this script feel free to fork or contribute or discuss over there: https://github.com/adamcoulombe/jquery.customSelect Plugin Download: http://www.adamcoulombe.info...
2 217 posted 10 years ago by adamcoulombe
1. Use absolute positioning to place label over the text box 2. Hide label except when JS is enabled 3. Use jQuery to hide label when field receives focus
1 55 posted 10 years ago by flicity
0 52 posted 10 years ago by vagrantradio
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