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background image full size centered
0 411 posted 5 years ago by envane21
Using a combination of background and padding styles to modify the way list image styles are applied.
0 369 posted 6 years ago by bcounts
A simple effect using simple CSS. This is part of a collection of gradient effects
0 395 posted 7 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
Each image is positioned, dimensioned, and repeated according to the comma separated values in the other background properties. The images in the list are layered front to back in the same order they are listed in the rule declaration. If a backgroun...
0 412 posted 8 years ago by COBOLdinosaur
Used to stretch a video / image to fill a background without skewing. Attach to resize events
0 361 posted 8 years ago by rickygri
Today with CSS3, you no longer need a background image for gradients. You can use CSS to add a gradient to the background of some elements on your page. For ex.: change the color hex values ("84c8d7" and "327fbd") to the gradient color you need.
1 339 posted 8 years ago by apphp-snippets
Adding alternating row of color to make proc report output easier to read.
0 458 posted 8 years ago by webonomic
Full Background Image in CSS
1 375 posted 9 years ago by gnitter
adds a checkered background to images, so images with transparency are revealed. based upon: http://lea.verou.me/css3patterns/#checkerboard
0 542 posted 9 years ago by shangle
Use this code to call the Plugin: <plug:full_background_image>
1 367 posted 9 years ago by G470
Mantenere in background (musica, location)
0 270 posted 9 years ago by kajinka13
Convert rgb color detected by jQuery into hex value.
0 361 posted 9 years ago by macodev
Creates rotating background images with a smooth transition.
1 308 posted 9 years ago by ryonley
Creating sprite buttons often had problems with different browsers. This is a solution to get background positions in each browser for further manipulation.
1 368 posted 9 years ago by bernhardb
Funció que agafa les mides de la pantalla i redimensiona proporcionalment una imatge per a que s'adapti a ella.
0 293 posted 9 years ago by hectorlorenzo
Really simple jQuery random image
0 266 posted 10 years ago by i-am-andy
HTML should look like this: <div> <p>Lorem ipsum here</p> </div> <div> <img> </div>
0 340 posted 10 years ago by a1ias
0 258 posted 10 years ago by neoline
Make the background attached to the body as fixed such that it does not scroll along with the content of the page.
0 272 posted 10 years ago by maxjerin
1 330 posted 10 years ago by Rich
Note that this approach DOESN'T maintain the image's aspect ratio. For a pure CSS technique that does that you need a CSS3 approach.
0 287 posted 10 years ago by f6design
0 297 posted 10 years ago by ichnoweb
UPDATE: The original code posted produces an error in IE9 on Windows 7. Please use the following snippit instead. If you need to embed a flex application inside another swf, the flex background (even if alpha=0) will not allow your cursor to inter...
0 237 posted 10 years ago by scottwatkins
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