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Name: Scott Watkins

Location: Norman, OK


I am an Interactive Software Developer at Weather Decision Technologies. I currently work closely with the Google Maps Flash API in Flex 3/4. I have also worked as a Web Communication Coordinator at a public university working in PHP, Java, and various web markup and scripting languages.

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This function will take the querystring from the URL and return it as a property:value paired object.
1 544 posted 12 years ago by scottwatkins
This function will delete and object and mark it for deletion with gc.
0 662 posted 12 years ago by scottwatkins
UPDATE: The original code posted produces an error in IE9 on Windows 7. Please use the following snippit instead. If you need to embed a flex application inside another swf, the flex background (even if alpha=0) will not allow your cursor to inter...
0 463 posted 12 years ago by scottwatkins
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