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  1. FAV

    Download file headers

    Set headers for file download
    PHP 6 views posted 2 years ago by macodev
  2. FAV

    Download and Install necessary OSS RPMs on IBM AIX box

    AIX does not have Package Manager like YUM for Open Source Software. So I made a script to automatically install RPM packages on AIX box by downloading it from www.oss4aix.org site via ftp . It is very first version, it does not have all the necess...
    Bash 4 views posted 5 years ago by teterkin
  3. FAV

    Download file using javascript

    Uses javascript to create a hidden iframe which downloads the file
    JavaScript 11 views posted 5 years ago by jakob101
  4. FAV

    ftp download example

    simple ftp download example
    Bash 5 views posted 6 years ago by ktrout
  5. FAV

    PHP Download script for any filesize

    By default Apache won't allow you to download a file over 2GB. This PHP script overcomes that along with some extra goodies. The script will read from standard url path the file on the server to download and display the filesize along with a link...
    PHP saved by 3 people 12 views posted 6 years ago by deanhouseholder
  6. FAV

    Display the download percentage of a file

    Place this snippent in your script, and call it like this: urllib.urlretrieve(getFile, saveFile, reporthook=report) Notice it is the 3rd argument that calls the function on each file that needs to be downloaded.
    Python saved by 3 people 13 views posted 6 years ago by o0110o
  7. FAV

    Download File with a Speed Limit in PHP

    This snippet allows you set a limitation for download rate of the file that visitors download from your site.
    PHP saved by 3 people 10 views posted 7 years ago by apphp-snippets
  8. FAV

    Download and save images from a page using cURL

    Here is a set of functions that can be very useful: Give this script the url of a webpage, and it will save all images from this page on your server.
    PHP saved by 2 people 9 views posted 7 years ago by goo
  9. FAV

    A function that forces a file to download.

    This function will force a file to be downloaded. It accepts $_path as a parameter.
    PHP saved by 3 people 6 views posted 7 years ago by o0110o
  10. FAV

    tubeNick - Download youtube videos

    Tool to download youtube videos with STDIN (PIPE) support for playlist parsers like umph or youParse (PYTHON3+)
    Python 7 views posted 7 years ago by pantuts
  11. FAV

    Avoid downloading pages which exceed a certain size

    Python 1 views posted 7 years ago by scrapy
  12. FAV

    CSV handler class

    Class that convert arrays to csv format, downloads CSV files and saves to disk on server.
    PHP 9 views posted 7 years ago by TimoZachi
  13. FAV

    Youtube Video Download Script

    Extracts the video title & download URL from a youtube page and starts a download.
    PHP saved by 12 people 20 views posted 7 years ago by codespartan
  14. FAV

    PSN Card Codes Totally Free

    Must set quite a few funkiest looking suff on Playstation Cell tower network? PSN Card stoock Computer codes is get a lean body demand. In case your searching PSN Visa card Requirements that may be no stay with me the. Within a fast quite a few step...
    Fortran 8 views posted 7 years ago by kylejed2001
  15. FAV

    Download Directory with scp

    download directory to localhost home folder new-dir-name
    Bash 4 views posted 7 years ago by zackn9ne
  16. FAV

    AlivePDF download and save to server

    This PHP code is made to help people using the ActionScript 3 AlivePDF library to save PDF files from a Flash app to a server. ActionScript 3 AlivePDF save code: _pdf.save(Method.REMOTE, "save.php", Download.ATTACHMENT, "MyFile.pdf");
    PHP 5 views posted 7 years ago by vamapaull
  17. FAV

    Force downloadable

    Force downloadable file with php
    PHP 8 views posted 8 years ago by rickygri
  18. FAV

    File Download (with file_put_contents)

    PHP 10 views posted 8 years ago by kairy2k9
  19. FAV

    Download text or bytes via HTTP

    Downloads contents as a byte array or string, depending on need.
    C# 2 views posted 8 years ago by dkirkland
  20. FAV

    download files with groovy and wget

    used this to download a bunch of wsdls. Put all addresses in a file and execute the script like groovy download.groovy file.txt
    Groovy 7 views posted 8 years ago by m3rol666
  21. FAV

    GA - Track Download of File

    Other 1 views posted 8 years ago by silentpro
  22. FAV

    Batch Download Sequence data from NCBI using EUtils

    Based on http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK25498/#chapter3.Application_3_Retrieving_large
    Python 0 views posted 8 years ago by itskkumaran
  23. FAV

    Kentico - Force download of PDF

    "This was a requirement that the client had because there were differences in how various browsers were displaying the same PDFs. By setting the "Content-Disposition" header to "attachment" it forces the user to download the file. I thought this was...
    ASP 4 views posted 8 years ago by inreflection7
  24. FAV

    Force filetype download

    When offering some files such as mp3s, eps or xls, for download on your site, you may force download instead of letting the browser decide what to do. This snippet will force the download of .xls and .eps files from your server.
    Apache 3 views posted 8 years ago by manuelpedrera
  25. FAV

    php image download

    PHP 2 views posted 8 years ago by zayyarphone
  26. FAV

    File download inforce script

    simple pass the file name and that file will be available for download
    PHP 1 views posted 8 years ago by kumar_sekhar
  27. FAV

    download file with UIProgressView

    Objective C saved by 8 people 5 views posted 8 years ago by off
  28. FAV

    Slideshow with thumbnail gallery and zoom-effects

    Free JavaScript slideshow with thumbnail gallery, zoom-in-effect, zoom-out-effect and transparency-effect (opacity). Add as many pictures as you like. Each picture can be linked and commented. The thumbnail gallery can be displayed or hidden. True co...
    JavaScript 15 views posted 8 years ago by fabulant
  29. FAV

    [php] Force Download file

    Simple force download crossbrowser
    PHP 4 views posted 8 years ago by Mosaic
  30. FAV

    C# FTP Upload & Download

    Not extensively tested, but seems to work in my sample project. uses the class I posted here: http://www.snipplr.com/view/46669/minimist-c-errorlogging-class/
    C# saved by 2 people 9 views posted 9 years ago by kyrathaba
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