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Get all SQL Server object dependencies
0 571 posted 7 years ago by joachimpr
This technical tip shows how .NET developers can add line object to an Existing PDF File inside their .NET applications. Aspose.Pdf for .NET supports the feature to add graph objects (for example graph, line, rectangle etc.) to PDF documents. You als...
0 1662 posted 7 years ago by sherazam
Using underscore.js, you could combine .findWhere with .without Although, since you are creating a new array in this case anyway, you could simply use _.filter or the native Array.prototype.filter function (just like shown in the other question)....
0 3378 posted 8 years ago by Balamir
To do this for any object in JavaScript will not be simple or straightforward. You will run into the problem of erroneously picking up attributes from the object's prototype that should be left in the prototype and not copied to the new instance. If,...
0 919 posted 8 years ago by BrentS
A template for a javascript object with a object.create shiv to condense into object prototypes
0 680 posted 9 years ago by rickygri
This example of code allows you to create a new object in javascript (using simple inheritance) such that the class of the object is defined from a variable. After creating the object you may use it for your purposes.
0 664 posted 9 years ago by apphp-snippets
Very simple use of an non-animating spritesheet for iOS
0 762 posted 9 years ago by sidneydekoning
From @blixt http://stackoverflow.com/users/119081/blixt As you can see, the classes correctly interact with each other (they share the static id from MyClass, the announce method uses the correct get_name method, etc.) One thing to note is the...
1 718 posted 9 years ago by rickygri
Aspose.PDF for Cloud API has released PHP SDK which allows PHP developers to convert PDF files uploaded to a remote server to other formats. You can pass URL and format parameters to specify the PDF’s URL and output format and use the PUT method of...
0 2047 posted 9 years ago by johansonkatherine
The Aspose.Note for .NET API allows developers to open files & manipulate elements of OneNote books & export them to PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP and PDF formats. The following code sample shows developers how to save OneNote File as an image in C#/.NET
0 1515 posted 9 years ago by johansonkatherine
List locked object Oracle Database using V$LOCKED_OBJECT view
0 518 posted 10 years ago by ceduard0
A simple template for a JavaScript function which allows for an arbitrary number of named arguments to be passed in. This is achieved by passing a single object as an argument with each of the 'real' arguments being a key/value pair. In this way argu...
0 1079 posted 11 years ago by davidwaterston
Example of how to build and call a class or object
0 853 posted 11 years ago by kutyadog
Any valid json object will be recursively traversed building a nested unordered list of its properties and their values. This example parses the json entered in the text area into an object that is passed to the json_tree() function. I use the twit...
0 869 posted 11 years ago by halk
If you want to use this in a class, change the last line to: ` return array_map(array($this, __FUNCTION__), $object ); `
0 582 posted 11 years ago by jgomez
Converts a php object to an associative array
1 4009 posted 11 years ago by satie83
`Object.create(null)` is a more memory-efficient way to make objects, but it's not supported in all versions of JavaScript, so you can do the "old-fashioned" `{}` if that function isn't available.
0 640 posted 11 years ago by EvanHahn
Sorts an array of objects using the native sortOn method
0 955 posted 11 years ago by Narayon
Function to validate the existence of each key in the object to get the number of valid key/value pairs.
0 616 posted 11 years ago by reverend
A class i started to implement, which ended up in a working concept However I'm not sure if it's a legal way of programming since I unnessesery changes the structure of php without some real value except nicer structure For now it remain a conce...
0 669 posted 12 years ago by Knarf
By not being limited to provide certain arguments/parameters in right order when calling a function, makes the function more versatile and easier to extend without breaking old code (e.g. calls to the function). One solution is to pass an associati...
0 784 posted 12 years ago by coprolit
an operator that implements true prototypal Object inheritance in JavaScript
0 569 posted 12 years ago by luizlopes
this function gets a parameter like an hex color (es: "#ffffff"), an abbreviated hex color (es: "#fff"), an rgb color (es: "rgb(255,255,255)") or an rgba color (es: "rgba(255,255,255,1)"), and returns an object containing the rgba values, like { red:...
0 1598 posted 12 years ago by claudiowebdesign
Used to sort array of objects by it's property Note: Anonymous functions are available since PHP 5.3.0.
0 913 posted 12 years ago by Rain
1. Get Posts however you see fit 2. Loop through the posts getting the terms from taxonomies and add them to the Post object 3. Sort the Array of Post Objects by the property you want them sorted by using sort_on_field()
0 1008 posted 12 years ago by kingkool68
0 469 posted 12 years ago by okhy
I create this recursive function to remove and null all children inside a display object container.
0 838 posted 12 years ago by radykal
Hey guys, I struggled a little to find a crossbrowser, non repetitive params way to embed swfs; this object embed works flawlessly for me in all browsers - ie7, ie8, safari, chrome, firefox. Why is swfobject and YouTube using this format - http://cod...
0 785 posted 12 years ago by digitalzoomstudio
For this to work you need the as3corelib classes from here ... https://github.com/mikechambers/as3corelib
0 2299 posted 12 years ago by adrianparr
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