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Configure settings for all external links on your site. Features: * Open external links in new window or tab * Add "nofollow" * Set link title * Set link icon * Set classes (for your own styling) * Set no-icon class * SEO friendly
0 384 posted 8 years ago by freelancephp
jLim is a small JavaScript base code. It can be used to built your own JavaScript library or framework.
0 313 posted 10 years ago by freelancephp
Encode mailto links and (plain) email addresses on your site and hide them from spambots. Easy to use, plugin works directly when activated. Features * Protect all emails and mailto links * Check posts, widgets, comments and RSS feeds * Encode...
0 493 posted 10 years ago by freelancephp
View class that contains features like: - get vars inside the view with: 1) $var1 2) $this->var1 3) or $this->get( 'var1', 'defaultValue' ) - factory method for direct chaining: Lim_View::factory( 'test.php' )->set( 'var1', 'value1' )->...
0 343 posted 10 years ago by freelancephp
Simple ajax object for creating ajax calls. Why use SimpleAjax? - Very small, only 2kb minified - Make a asynchrone or synchrone ajax call ( AJAX / SJAX ) - Use quick methods get() and post() for GET and POST calls - Use load() method for...
0 293 posted 10 years ago by freelancephp
SimpleSelector is a small DOM selector object with support for the most used selectors. It's also the default selector for the jLim JavaScript framework. Why use SimpleSelector? - very small, less than 2kb minified - easy to use with $$() - no...
1 433 posted 11 years ago by freelancephp
Managing globals with the registry pattern. This class provides lazy loading functionallity. This means it is possible to add a callback or class (with arguments) which will be called or instanciated when it is being used for the first time.
0 420 posted 11 years ago by freelancephp
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