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Use this to extract an HTML5 origin from a URI. $1 is the origin. The square brackets are there to support IPv6 addresses. Example: var html5OriginRegex = /^([\w-]+:\/*\[?[\w\.:-]+\]?(?::\d+)?).*/; "
0 384 posted 14 years ago by Sephr
ErrorConstructor produces error constructors that behave the same way as the seven native error constructors. Usage: `ErrorConstructor([constructorName])` *If no constructorName is specified, the default of `` is used* Us...
1 446 posted 14 years ago by Sephr
object.forEach ========= *Requires JavaScript 1.8* `void object.forEach(function callback(item, value)[, thisObject])`
0 460 posted 14 years ago by Sephr
Get Function Name ============ This will only return (a string) if the object passed to getFunctionName is a function or an "object" function from IE. The function does not rely on if present as it can't always be trusted. Examp...
0 442 posted 14 years ago by Sephr
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