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When using a CSS3 property that has vendor-prefixed versions available, I indent as usual with one tab and then use spaces to line up the properties on the colon. This allows for easy editing of all ‘sibling’ properties at once using [Sublime Tex...
1 817 posted 11 years ago by Todd
TextExpander is a great Mac tool that expands special abbreviations typed anywhere in the OS into useful snippets of text. One of the AppleScript snippets included shortens a URL in the clipboard using the URL-shortening service. You copy the...
2 2371 posted 15 years ago by Todd
This was created as a temporary solution to the wide dropdowns that sometimes appear in OpenAir timesheets and cause horizontal scrolling. Adding this script as a bookmarklet and clicking it will resize all selects (dropdowns) on a page to 340px wide...
0 502 posted 16 years ago by Todd
Just a reminder to myself, not really a snippet. When running into memory/speed issues with PHP/MySQL apps, adjust the memory_limit parameter in php.ini.
3 536 posted 16 years ago by Todd
One notorious discrepancy between IE and Firefox (or other "good" browsers) is the way they access the class HTML attribute. While I've used more complicated solutions in the past, this simple solution doesn't require any browser detection or even a...
2 800 posted 17 years ago by Todd
In Internet Explorer, it's a well-known issue that tags are rendered above other layers and things like drop-down menus. This fix is specifically for the "Son of Suckerfish" drop-down menus (see URL), which are entirely CSS-based (JS is needed only...
1 772 posted 17 years ago by Todd
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