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jQuery client-side form validation for the Radiant CMS mailer extension. Requires jQuery 1.2.6+ Each required field needs a class of "required" assigned to the input tag.
0 350 posted 12 years ago by bcalloway
Simply jQuery script for CSS drop-down menu
7 457 posted 13 years ago by bcalloway
This is a sample Google Maps API script that shows a base map with city markers, each with a numbered label. The marker is a default, blank red marker with a number label defined by the overlay array. Clicking on a marker takes you to a page define...
1 403 posted 13 years ago by bcalloway
Sample script to use Google API to display a map with multiple marker layers that can be toggled on/off using checkboxes. The map data is provided using the .kml files provided from "My Maps" on Google, or Google Earth files.
2 933 posted 13 years ago by bcalloway
this requires jquery.js, jquery.metadata.js, and jquery.validate,js
2 330 posted 13 years ago by bcalloway
jQuery script for navigation image rollovers
6 323 posted 13 years ago by bcalloway
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