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The 'request' and 'response' objects are chock full of useful info. But console can't usually access them. Here's how: start the server with the -u option, insert a breakpoint where you would like to have access to the controllers/helpers/etc. Wh...
1 827 posted 15 years ago by cczona
"When using haml, an HTML tag is represented using %tagname, but in the case of an HTML tag with attributes, the representation is %tagname{:attribute => value}. It turns out there must be no whitespace between %tagname and {:attribute => value}....
1 645 posted 16 years ago by cczona
"The new naming scheme for template (eg. .html.erb) does not seem to work for partials. When using :partial => 'form' a filename "_form.html.erb" is not recognized. " Rails now requires the partial to be referenced by dotted format
1 677 posted 16 years ago by cczona
Preferences > Advances > Folder References
0 4302 posted 16 years ago by cczona
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