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Name: Derek Kier

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I am a web developer residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have designed and programmed many websites, most of which belong to clients that live in the Las Vegas area.\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\n\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nThe major project I am working on right now is This is an e-filing and legal document delivery website.

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I found this script and tried it. It worked. I thought it was useful for a variety of situations and is easy to follow. Often times I need nearly duplicated data and don't want to manually cut and paste.
0 697 posted 9 years ago by donkeykong
This is a good way to show the difference between files side by side to quickly see what parts are not the same, if any.
0 713 posted 10 years ago by donkeykong
A flexible way to get the file name without the extension
0 907 posted 12 years ago by donkeykong
I couldn't easily find an example of how to verify if someone added my link to their site while they added their link to a directory of mine. After some research, I found out how to search for a string remotely. I have simplified the steps so that yo...
0 477 posted 13 years ago by donkeykong
A function to remove tags and to also remove excess spaces.
1 552 posted 15 years ago by donkeykong
This is a simple example of how to read and write XML that includes reading attributes and nodes.
1 615 posted 15 years ago by donkeykong
sample: var text = " string content "; text = text.trim();
2 504 posted 15 years ago by donkeykong
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