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This CSS sets semi-transparent background while not affecting the opacity of child elements like using the opacity property would. The text color has been set to the same as the background color to demonstrate this. Notes: For the Microsoft fil...
0 11 posted 9 years ago by chrisdpratt
Dropdown navigation is fairly inaccessible as it depends on hover events in 99.9% of cases. Tabbing through the navigation with the keyboard fails to reveal the dropdowns leaving those navigation items virtually inaccessible. Worse, each of the hidde...
0 43 posted 10 years ago by chrisdpratt
The following is just a list of actions you can remove. Just grab the ones you need.
1 9 posted 10 years ago by chrisdpratt
Place the following code in header.php before the call to wp_head(). (If you do not include the exact version number when calling libraries from Google's AJAX Libraries API, a redirect is used to pull up the most current version. While this is han...
3 19 posted 10 years ago by chrisdpratt
Full example widget available at [WP Engineer]( "Build A WordPress 2.8 Widget With The New Widget API").
0 17 posted 10 years ago by chrisdpratt
Simple [SoundManager2]( "Download SoundManager2") example (uses jQuery)
0 16 posted 10 years ago by chrisdpratt
This regular expression will match almost all valid email addresses. Omits email addresses containing double-quotes and square brackets, which while valid according to [RFC 2822][rfc2822], are almost never used. [rfc2822]:
2 28 posted 10 years ago by chrisdpratt
To make the menu work in IE6 (which doesn't support the :hover pseudo element on anything but links and tables), the IE6-specific CSS calls on [Whatever:hover][whatever]. If using [Dean Edwards' IE7-js][IE7-js], this is unnecessary as his script fixe...
4 21 posted 10 years ago by chrisdpratt
jQuery is included via the Google AJAX Libraries repository. Dean Edwards' IE7-js is included via it's Google Code hosting URL. Version numbers of both libraries should be checked and updated to latest versions. _**Note:** While libraries can be r...
0 37 posted 10 years ago by chrisdpratt
XHTML 1.0 Strict deprecates the use of iframes in favor of objects. While this has gotten a lot of flack, iframes were never truly a part of HTML, just a proprietary element in Internet Explorer that eventually got universal support. Objects are a mo...
0 25 posted 10 years ago by chrisdpratt
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