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Helps identify correctly the type of whatever you put as an argument. This was adapted from
3 505 posted 15 years ago by rolandog
This is a website specific script... pops up the source of an OPML file with 145+ podcasts. Note: The 'bookmarklet' format is included as a comment at the bottom... (write in a webpage a...
1 379 posted 16 years ago by rolandog
Sends as XHTML 1.1 + MathML if supported, falls back to XHTML 1.1 if supported, or falls back to HTML 4.01 Strict. Mixed two separate scripts:
2 408 posted 16 years ago by rolandog
This function allows an object's property names to be read by using an index. The properties can be accessed like: someobject.propertyNames[0] or someobject.propertyValues[0]. But you first have to make the object's properties available by calling so...
2 528 posted 16 years ago by rolandog
Constructs an element out of arrays. Using nested arrays translates into nested ChildNodes. Update 2006-07-19: Added documentation (comments). Update 2006-11-25: Reduced the ammount of code needed.
5 525 posted 16 years ago by rolandog
You should edit your WordPress plugin so that the $source variable at the end shows this value. Though it is a shame that code can't have an 'ol' as a childNode, and neither can the pre element. Couldn't find any way of making it all fit: http://lear...
3 486 posted 16 years ago by rolandog
Directions: be sure to set to absolute paths every image location from your litebox-1.0.js and lightbox.css files... and, replace the setInnerHTML function with this one...
1 520 posted 16 years ago by rolandog
This is a way to determine if the browser uses the KHTML engine or if it is the Konqueror Browser.
2 597 posted 16 years ago by rolandog
For a working demo in application/xhtml+xml or text/html, go to: You should delete the multi-line comments after completing the setup, some old browsers will complai...
3 629 posted 16 years ago by rolandog
This script makes it possible to delete every childNodes, childNodes.childNodes, childNodes.childNodes.childNodes and so on. Includes example functions for deleting all childNodes, firstChild and lastChild from an 'id'. It uses twin functions that ca...
0 428 posted 16 years ago by rolandog
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